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Take care of your beard

How to best take care of your beard

Beard care is about keeping your beard fresh, neat and in the shape you want. Stylish lines and trimming make your beard perceived as bold and with a solid feeling. Each beard and hair growth is unique and sits on a face with its specific shape. That is the basis and starting point for determining what kind of beard you want to grow. Here is our guide on how to take care of your beard in the best way.

Every beard is unique. It depends on the growth, facial shape and ambitions. But the basis is the same - a thriving beard needs to be taken care of properly. 

Daily routine in three steps

1. Cleaning

The beard and skin gets dirty during the day. Like any other hair on your body, you need to wash it so it does not start to smell or itch. Keep the beard fresh by cleaning it with a mild face wash and / or a beard shampoo.

When a beard is itching it is the skin underneath that needs nursing. A beard shampoo is specially formulated to give both the beard hair and the beard bottom a good cleaning. Beard shampoo is contrary to the many hair shampoos specially designed to clean without drying out the beard or skin below.

There are two main categories of beard cleaners - beard schampoo in liquid form and beard soaps in solid form. 

The next step in cleaning is a beard conditioner or called wash out conditioner. A little depending on how efficient your beard cleaner is, the need for conditioner is different. Just the same as a hair conditioner, massage it into the beard and the beard bottom. Let it work for a while and then rinse.

The easiest way is to deep clean your beard while taking a shower. There you have every opportunity in the world to both rinse and treat your beard. And you can clean the rest of the body while the conditioner is working on your beard. The point of the beard conditioner is to soften your beard so that it stays soft after cleaning.

In the world of beards there are some names and concepts that are sometimes mixed up. This may be due to the fact that the sanitary products industry for beard is relatively new.

The beard conditioners, which is meant here, is not a conditioner that you apply and then let stay. These are commonly called "leave in conditioner" and the like.

Choose a good beard shampoo in solid or liquid form for a gentle cleanser that does not dry out your skin or your beard.

2. Prepping

Beard and, above all, long beards can become dry and frizzy. Especially during the drier and colder periods of the year. The preparation of the beard is actually a continuation of using conditioners. There are a few different ways to go about it.

There are beard balms that are specially designed to stay in the beard and moisturize and soften. The name of these is leave in conditioner and these you massage into the beards and beard bottom and then let them remain.

The idea is moisture so the beard feels light, simple and fresh. This in contrast to some beard oils that can be heavy and stay on the outside of the beard. 

The beard oil is the traditional way of moisturizing the beard and skin beneath. The tradition stretches thousands of years back in history.

By working in a few drops of beard oil, you get a softer beard and your skin gets moisture. It reduces the risk of itchy beard and other skin related problems. Beard oil gives your beard a natural shine and a lively look.

Think about how to combine your products to avoid getting too much of something or to counteract their goals - then you get the best end result..

3. Styling

When washed and prepped, be sure to take control of your beard and your beard growth by styling the beard to the shape you want. A beard wax both lubricates your beard while giving it a certain hold and formability. For those strays that are extremely difficult to control, use a moustache wax with a stronger hold. There are also modern styling products for beard such as pomades and the like that are not wax-based.

Some beardwaxes are relatively soft. Using them gives too much moisturizing oils. The idea is not to make your beard into a dust collector but to get the proper dose of softening, moisturizing and styling needed to make your beard look clean, tidy and well-groomed.

If your beard is too oily or sticky, your styling products will have difficulties to grab on to the beard. Therefore, you need to consider how the products you use are designed to get the right balance and get your beard just the way you want it.

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