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Guides for beard and moustache

The beard and moustache trend grows stronger and more and more are starting to grow a beard. Growing can be completely passive and the beard will go wild. However, if you want your beard to look neat and tended you need to take care of it. There are many things you can do yourself when it comes to beard and moustache care. Here at the SLIQHAQ Academy you can learn more and become a full-fledged beard grower.


» How to take of the beard
» Tips for trimming your beard
» Choose a good beard trimmer
» Itchy beard and ways to treat it
» Neckline and cheek line for full beard
» How to make your beard soft
» Which beard oil is best for me?
» How to color your beard
» How to grow your beard faster and thicker

Beard brush

» How to brush your beard
» What beard brush should I choose?


» Trim the moustache
» Look after your moustache
» How to use a moustache wax
» How to grow a handlebar moustache

SkägBeard products - reviews & articles

» Cubebe - Special edition
» Soapmakers from Lago Maggiore

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