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Guides for better shaving

To shave efficiently and with good results requires time, knowledge and the right tools. We want you to be able to enjoy a close shave and help you select the type of shaving that suits you best. There are many different ways to shave and you can easily get lost in the jungle of tips, advice and products. If you feel unsure or want to learn more about shaving, start by reading our guides.

» 5 steps for a better wet shave


» Basics about the razor
» Different types of safety razors
» Which DE razorblade fits me?

Straight razor

» Straigt razor basics
» How does a shavette work?
» Straight razor stropping
» Straight razor touch-up

Shaving brush

» Use a shaving brush for a better shave
» Which shaving brush should I choose?
» Care instructions for shaving brushes

Shaving cream, soap and lather

» Shaving cream lathering
» Shaving soap lathering
» Shaving cream vs soap

Electric shave

» Smoother electric shave

Shaving problems

» Ingrown hairs
» Tough & heavy beard growth
» Sensitive skin when shaving
» Neck shaving problems
» Razorburn
» How to stop bleeding using alum

Shaving products - reviews & articles

» Cubebe - Special edition

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