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How to buy Gift Card at SLIQHAQ

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Highlight the text below, copy it and paste it into the message box in the checkout. When the text is placed in the message box at the checkout, it is easy for you to fill in your information. At the bottom you will see an example of what to do and a picture showing the message box at the checkout.

[Recipient's homeland]
[Date of Delivery]
[Recipient’s Name]
[Recipient’s Email address]
[Your name]
[Write your personalised message with the gift card here (maximum 400 characters)]


[Norway]               (The recipient lives outside the EU, therfore, the recipient will receive a voucher for X SEK/EUR minus 25 % Swedish VAT*)
[2013-12-22]       (Sometime during the day on the 22nd Dec, 2013, the recipient will receive an email with the gift card.)
[Petter Petersen]
[Johan Jansson]
[Petter you are a great athlete and I hope to beat you in the future! Have a nice day!]

*Non-EU customers do not have any Swedish VAT at checkout, but pay their own tax and any duty and fees in their own country. All recipients of gift cards in the EU will automatically have the Swedish VAT of 25% included in the total amount.