Watch Storage - Watch Case

Watch storage in watch case

Watch Storage - Watch Case

Keeping your watch safe and secure is important. Today, there are a plethora of different storage options for your watches, ranging from watch boxes, watch pouches, and watch rolls to travel cases and watch cases.

In our range, you will find secure storage for your watch collection both at home and when you are on the go.

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Watch cases

Watch cases have many advantages and can serve both as a watch box or watch case. Watch chests may look beautiful as displays for your watches, but they take up space and are not ideal when you are traveling. A watch case keeps your watches safe and secure, protecting them from dust, dirt, water, and shocks.

The case's outer shell offers protection against shocks, dirt, dust, and water. The foam insert keeps the watch or watches securely in place, also providing protection against shocks and preventing the watches from hitting each other. The egg foam in the lid keeps the watches in place and offers a certain level of flexibility, allowing you to store watches of different heights while still keeping them secure.

Many Peli watch cases have lifetime warranty from the factory för the case itself. A guarante that cover your case if it is broken during normal use. HWC Premium Hard Watch Cases also hold life time warranty for the case.

Peli watch case

Peli, or Pelican as they are branded in the USA, is world-famous for their rugged, impact-resistant plastic cases. Loved and used by private individuals, companies, and the military around the world, these cases are both waterproof and shock-resistant, and many come with a lifetime warranty. This means that if the case breaks under normal use, it will be replaced by Peli directly.

We have created watch cases using Peli's smaller case models such as the Peli 1150 and Peli 1170, which hold 5 watches. The Peli 1200 have space for 8 watches, and the Peli 1400 holds 10 watches. The larger cases, Peli 1470 and Peli 1495, can hold 21 and 32 watches, respectively. The Peli 1470 also includes a key lock, while the Peli 1495 features both a combination lock and a shoulder strap.

Foam inserts for watches and watch cases

Our HWC foam inserts are of the highest quality and finish. The inserts are both non-toxic and certified according to REACH and ROHS standards. SLIQHAQ offers separate foam inserts for watches to fit Peli cases: Peli 1150, Peli 1170, Peli 1200, Peli 1400, Peli 1470, and Peli 1495. These transform your existing Peli case into a fully-equipped watch case. Both the insert and egg foam are included for the lid.

Most models feature a two-layer foam. There is a soft and comfortable layer of black foam, as well as a slightly harder foam where the cut-out is made to hold the watch. This creates a visually pleasing experience and ensures that the insert exudes quality and feel. We offer different colors for both the watch pillows and the underlying foam, available in charcoal, gray, red, blue, and green.

Watch storage when you travel

Sometimes we travel with just one watch, and sometimes with more. Watch rolls with a somewhat rigid construction can protect your watches, but a travel case made of leather or fabric that merely wraps around your watches usually only protects against scratches, not against shocks and the like.

A hard travel case for watches protects your timepieces in a completely different way. Our watch cases and pouches from HWC feature both a hard shell that protects against shocks, dust, and water, as well as a pressure equalization valve. It's a perfect and compact way to both protect and carry one or more watches when you're on the go. A watch case can hold more watches and offers extra protection against shocks and external impacts.

Storing your watches in safe and bank deposit box

Watches come in all varieties and price ranges. Some are new, while some may be older and vintage. They hold value both monetarily on the market and emotionally, and perhaps even as collectibles. Storing watches in a safe or a vault at home offers good protection against burglary and theft attempts. Some may also want to store their watches in a safety deposit box at the bank. For these somewhat smaller spaces, our watch pouches and cases for 1 or 3 watches are ideal. They usually fit well even in the smallest bank safety deposit boxes, as they are only 47 mm and 53 mm high, respectively. You can discreetly walk into the bank with your HWC watch pouch and watch case in your regular bag or backpack and go to your safety deposit box to make a switch.

Our HWC case for 10 watches also has a handy size suitable for placing in a safe. The same applies to our smaller watch bags from Peli and HWC. Some safes also offer a certain level of fire protection, which could be a good argument for storing your most valuable watches in such a cabinet. Since the cases are rugged and often stackable, no special arrangements are needed other than placing the case in the safe.

A robust watch case for all conditions and situations

If you make it a habit to store your watches in your watch case, you can grab the bag and run with your treasures at any moment. Whether you drop the bag on the ground, into water, or toss it into your car, you can feel secure. Both the bag and the foam insert protect your watches. Life and limb always come before possessions. With your watch bag, you can hold your partner's hand with your right hand and your watch bag in your left.

HWC Premium watch bags and Peli's watch bags meet multiple military standards and are approved for military use, where there are enormous requirements for durability and strength. That's the feeling you get when you hold our watch cases in your hand. It's what both you and your watches deserve!

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