The shavette looks like a straight razor, however with a replaceable razorblade. Shavettes are perfect for those who do not want to spend time and energy on stropping the straight razor or just want to test if straight razor shaving with a knife is something to bet on. Shavettes can use double edge razor blades or special razor blades for shavettes. Learn more about the shavette.

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Why shave with a shavette?

There are both advantages and disadvantages to using a shavette when you shave. The technique for using it is close to using a razor. It can be an appropriate entry level if your aim is to use a razor. The difference is that you avoid all the care that a razor requires. When learning the wet shaving technique it is essential to have sharp blades. The razor requires stropping and honing the blade edge to give good results. With the shavette you simply replace the blade when it starts to get dull.

Another advantage is that shavettes are much cheaper than razors. You can find a shavette for as low as 20 € and exchangeable blades are relatively cheap. A razor will normally cost around 100 € and upwards.

Dovo first with shavettes

The German company Dovo was the first to manufacture shavettes. The idea was that it would be used for cutting hair in the neck and sideburns. Many barbers, however, saw the benefits of being able to shave the face in a hygienically way by beeing able to exchange the razor blade for each new customer.

Some may think that the shavette is a little brother to  the razor and have the opinion that it is like cheating. Do not think like that, but see the shavette as a separate tool in itself with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some start off with the shavette with the objective to move on to the razor later. After trying the razor some go back to the shavette simply because of the ease with replaceable razor blades.

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