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The straight razor has a long history. Ever since the dawn of time, man has struggled to remove his facial hair in different ways. Today's straight razors in their current form can be traced back to the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar and the other men in the Roman Empire where neatly shaved. Read more about how to use a straight razor.

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Straight razors for an incredibly close shave

The straight razor gives you total control over the edge and needs a man to be mastered. Whoever learns to master the straight razor gets rewarded with an incredibly close shave. If you want to avoid your straight razor to become dirty (which can then cause skin problems), let the straight razor lie in the straight razor stand when it is not in your hand.

How to use a straight razor

  • Always strop your straight razor before and after shaving. This will make sure it is always in the best condition. Stropping before shaving heats and polishes the edge. After shaving it results in a clean edge removing any dirt and soap residue. Stropping is done in two steps, first on the rough side and then on the fine leather side. 
  • Keep in mind that the sharp edge is incredibly thin on a cut-throat razor. Therefore, it is easy to damage it or make it dull by bumping it against something or rounding the edge while stropping. Strop with a light hand, a slow pace with focus on quality rather than fast moves.
  • Dry your straight razor with a towel so that no moisture remains on the metal parts. Avoid the cutting edge, that will the stropping take care of. Store your razor in a dry place, preferably in a leather case and outside of your bathroom. Drizzle a little oil to protect it against rust and corrosion. Blades of carbon steel are otherwise easily covered with surface rust. 
  • Take your time to shave. It is you, the razor and nothing else. No stress. Listen to the singing sound when the stubble is removed by the sharp blade. Feel how the blade is flowing on your skin. Use a low angle and let the weight and the super sharp edge do the job. Look for flat skin surfaces and stretch the skin to cut the stubble even more efficiently.

Few things are as relaxing as shaving, especially with the straight razor. The ritual, routine, the thought of that so many men have done this for centuries, brings a magical sense to it. Feel the timelessness and satisfaction of mastering a knife against your throat. The cut-throat razors durability makes it unbeatable and it becomes a good friend throughout life.

Learn more about straight razors here and what knife that suits you best.

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