Shaving Set

Shaving set in chrome and tortoiseshell imitation

Shaving set

Here you will find shaving sets for men with several products for shaving with a straight razor, shavette or safety razor. The packages contain both the razor and the accessories you need. Some of the kits are original packages from renowned brands. We at SLIQHAQ have also made our own sets of favorite products. There are shaving kits worth buying both for you as an experienced wet shaver or for beginners. If you are celebrating your dad, husband or boyfriend our gift idea is to buy a really lovely shaving set for real men!

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Choose the right shaving kit

A shaving kit is a nice gift but perhaps also a preference. Think about whether the receiver is ready to take the next step in his shaving or if you want to clean up and make it more uniform.

Our shaving sets contains products for many different types of shaving. First consider the purpose of shaving. That will guide you to which category to browse.

Our sets have everything from simple functional solutions and various shaving methodologies combined with exclusive or simpler materials. The combination of natural materials, for example, horns, African hardwood or shiny chrome with classic or modern style. The possibilities are almost endless.

Do you want to be cheeky, buy a stand only and let your recipient choose the brush type and razor to go with it. Then all roads are open and you leave him with the maximum freedom of choice.

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