Shaving brush stands

A shaving brush stand is both stylish and practical. The stand keeps your shaving brush upside down, which means that gravity will help get the moisture to evaporate from your shaving brush after use. Here you will find suitable stands for your brush. Each shaving brush has a matching stand under shown related products. In some cases, there is no good stand for that particular shaving brush, let your brush then stand upright and airy and it will dry good enough. Learn more about stable stands here.

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Store your shaving brush in a stand

When looking for a stand for your shaving brush, it is important that you find a holder where the brush will be stable. Otherwise, there is a risk that it may fall out and drop down to the floor or into the sink with all that might bring.

If you have difficulties finding a good stand, there is no disaster. Many keep their shaving brushes standing upside down on the handle. The important thing is that you rinse out the shaving brush after use, gently shaking out remaining water left in the brush, stroke it and push it gently against a towel. Then it hang it in your stand or let it stand upright drying.

More good advice for taking care of your shaving brush can be found in the SLIQHAQ Academy.

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