Razor Blades

Here you find razor blades online for Gillette Mach-3, Gillette Fusion and Headblade razorblades, HB-3, HB-4 and HB-6. You also find Long shavette razor blades. All Headblade razor blades fits all Headblade razors. Razorpit extends the life-span of your razorblade up to 10 times. The Razorpit removes dead skin cells and soap residue from the razorblade that makes the blade dull. If you looking for double edge razorblades you find them here.

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The right blade for the right tool

It is important to have a sharp razor when you shave. Equally important is that the blade is suitable for the tool that you use. If you use a Gillette Fusion you should buy the multi-blades and suitable for these handles. If you use Mach3 buy the blades that fits it and so on. Just by knowing what razor you own, it's easy to restock on sharp razor blades through online shopping.

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