Razors come in many different varieties. Cartridges razors such as Mach 3 and safety razors are two types. Mach 3 is easy to use, while safety razors are more demanding but may give an even better result. No matter what you choose and enjoy, there are few things that are as beautiful as a stylish razor.

Tips for better shaving with razors

Learn more about how to shave in the best way. Avoid getting your razor gets dirty which can then cause skin problems therefore let your razor be in the razor stand when it is not in your hand. Learn more about the different advantages and which razor that could be interesting for you to try, whether you're a beginner or an experienced wet shaver.

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To shave with a razor

The razor is the most commonly used shaving tool for both men and women. It is because they are so easy to use, cheap to buy, and the risk of cuts are pretty small. There are many different types of razors, from cheap disposable plastic ones to the exclusive handles that are stable in the hand and provides greater control.

Perhaps the biggest advantage with using a razor is that you can quickly and easily change blades. For disposable razors you throw away handle and all, but for the other types you simply replace the shaving head only and keep your handle. For a Mach 3 razor you buy new Mach3 blades, for the Fusion you buy the corresponding multi-blade system. You simply keep your favorite handle or you can upgrade to a more luxurious one.

Blog posts about Razor

The Razor Basics

The Razor Basics

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