Safety Razor 34C HD in the group Shaving / Razor / Safety Razor at Sliqhaq AB (9034001)
Safety Razor 34C HD
Safety Razor 34C HD
Safety Razor 34C HD
Safety Razor 34C HD
Safety Razor 34C HD
Safety Razor 34C HD
Safety Razor 34C HD
Merkur Solingen

Safety Razor 34C HD

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    • The opportunity to experience a perfect shave is within reach with the MERKUR 34C HD. Often referred to as "HD" for "Heavy Duty," this safety razor has been an icon in the industry for over 80 years, not only because of its substantial weight but also for the quality and comfort it delivers. Made from high-quality steel and featuring a luxurious chrome finish, this is a razor that not only performs but also lasts a lifetime.

      With its relatively short handle (shorter than model 38C), this razor is particularly user-friendly for beginners looking to start shaving with a safety razor.

      Few razors can match the smooth, comfortable shave this safety razor offers. It is well-balanced and so reliable that it has become a cult classic. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, this safety razor is tailored to meet all your shaving needs.

      • 3-piece construction
      • Straight Cut
      • Closed Comb
      • Designed and made in Germany

      Weight: 78 g
      Length: 83 mm
      Width: 41 mm
      Handle diameter: 13 mm
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