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R41 Shaving Set
R41 Shaving Set
R41 Shaving Set
R41 Shaving Set
R41 Shaving Set
R41 Shaving Set

R41 Shaving Set

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  • Information
    • A simple and stylish shaving set from Mühle that includes an R41 safety razor, complete with a practical short stand for razor storage.

      The R41 is a well-known favorite among safety razors and is characterized by its balanced design and open comb. This razor is suitable for those with thick beard growth and other experienced wet shavers who prefer an aggressive shave.

      For those looking for a milder shave, especially beginners, this shaving set is also available with Mühle's R89 razor instead. You can find that version here.

      If you already have an R41/R89 razor or prefer to use the "Grande" versions of the razor, you can also purchase this stand separately. You can find it here.

      Safety Razor Dimensions
      Length: 95 mm
      Width: 53 mm
      Weight: 62 g

      Stand Dimensions
      Diameter: 39 mm
      Height: 31 mm
      Weight: 64 g
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