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Organic Shaving Cream
Organic Shaving Cream

Organic Shaving Cream

Article nr: RCOSCTUBE
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    • Muhle Organic Shaving Cream is a shaving cream that has a wonderfully light and soft consistency that makes the razor blade glide over the skin without resistance. The shaving cream contains exclusive argan oil which is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that gives the skin an effective protection against free radicals and binds moisture to the skin.

      Creamy wax and nourishing glycerine optimizes the fat balance in the face while shaving. The shaving cream is vegan and contains no synthetic preservatives, aromatic substances or colourants.

      The product is organic and BDHI certified.

      Benefits of Organic Shaving Cream from Muhle

      • Soft consistency

      • Contains argan oil

      • Optimizes the fat balance

      • Organic and BDHI certified


      To use
      Use a shaving brush and lather the shaving cream. Massage the shaving cream into your face.


      75 ml

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