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Mr Taylors Shaving Cream
Taylor Of Old Bond Street

Mr Taylors Shaving Cream

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    • Mr Taylors Shaving Cream is a glycerin based, easy to lather, shaving cream from Taylor of Old Bond Street. Was released and given it's name back in 1957 to celebrate the tradition of the Taylor family.

      • Inspired by natural herbs and has notes from bergamot and lavender resting on soft fern and geranium.
      • The basal notes come from cedar wood, leather, moss and musk.
      • Contains essential oils from cedar wood, patchouli and lavandin grosso.

      Dip the brush directly into the can and make lather using lukewarm water. Make it in a shaving mug or bowl, or directly in your face. Add water as you go to make a thick and rich lather.

      Work the lather into your face using your brush. Let the scents spread and fill your senses. In the meantime your skin will be softer and the beard hair as well making your shave more comfortable.

      150 g

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