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Merkur Solingen

Merkur / Dovo corporation, Solingen, Germany are one of the largest manufacturer of safety razors.

The most famous razors are Futur, Progress, 34 C HD and Slant Bar. If you value quality, results and sustainability a Merkur razor is the product for you.

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Merkur safety razor

Merkur safety razors

Some of the most popular razors are Merkur 34 C which you see on the picture above, Merkur Futur, Merkur Progress and Merkur Slant Bar razor. For the beginner is Merkur 34 C a good choice with the short handle. If you appriciate quality, durability and excellent result - then you should buy yourself a Merkur razor.

Merkur Solingen quality since 1896
Merkur Solingen has been in the market more then 125 years. A herritage and old German company with deep craftmanship roots. Link to external webbsite.

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