Clothes Brush

The clothes brush keeps your clothes clean and in good condition. We have clothes brushes for removing hair, lint and pilling from fine wool clothing as cashmere to brush more coarse fabric such as denim with. We have selected clothes brushes from Kent, a quality brand with brushes that lasts for years. A good brush is better than a roller with adhesive as the glue is not good for clothes. Moreover, it is very stylish to have a nice looking clothes brush in the hall and make it easy to quickly brush the clothes clean.

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The use of clothes brushes

How many are not familiar with using glue and sticky rollers for removing hair, dirt, dust and other things that easily stick to our clothes? Necessity knows no law. However, there is a risk that these rollers leave marks on the clothes and may not always do their job perfectly.

That is why you should use a proper clothes brush that gently cleans your clothes. Without a doubt, these will extend the lifespan of your clothes.

In TV series like Downton Abbey, we see how the butler cleans clothes with a proper clothes brush. The fact that in the past there were no washing machines everything had to be washed by hand. This meant that the clothes brushes were used diligently to avoid hand washing.

All garments are not suitable for traditional laundry and therefore the clothes brush should be the basis for keeping them clean instead.

The washing machine wears down your nice clothes

When washing in a machine, your clothes are worn, affected by detergents and other surface-active chemicals. Perhaps they need to be pressed and ironed. That of course, affects the lifespan of the clothes.

Many clothes that do not directly adhere to the skin or as costumes, dresses, pants, jeans and coats - need not necessarily be washed all the time.

Tip: When brushing your clothes, first pull against the fabric to remove dirt and dust. Do not use a scrubbing movement but use short and fast pulls with the brush. After this, you can brush with the fabric for a smooth finish.

If your clothes are very dirty start by dry brushing them before you use a slightly damp brush. Remember to only moisten the tip of the hair in the brush water, not the entire brush.

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