Jack Black

The spouses Curran and Jeff Dandurand formed the brand Jack Black along with Emily Dalton back in the year of 2000. They noticed a clear gap in the market and wanted to fill it with high-quality skin care products specially designed for men. Today, Jack Black's range has a given place in shops who wants to sell premium products to ordinary guys.

Jack Black's two principles

The whole series of skin products is based on two principles. The products should be simple and of high quality. Quality is assured by including only the best ingredients and completely avoid synthetic perfumes or dyes. If you buy a product from Jack Black you should be able to trust that they are free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

Simplicity means that Jack Black products should be easy to use and provide quick, visible results. Jack Black does not test its products on animals and the full range is vegan friendly.

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