HWC Cases

HWC Cases

HWC Cases

HWC Cases manufactures specially designed foam inserts for hard bags of the highest quality for the storage of watches, among other things. We use cases from well-known brands such as Peli and Explorer cases as well as quality hard cases from Italy.

Cases from HWC are for those who place high demands on durability and quality. The foam in the inserts is both non-toxic and REACH and ROHS certified.

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HWC Watch Cases

Our watch cases and foam inserts safely and securely store your watches. The watch rests softly in the surrounding foam, and the bag keeps out dust, dirt, and water. HWC premium watch cases come with a lifetime warranty from the factory—this applies to most of HWC's Peli hard watch cases. On each case, you can see both specifications, certifications, and warranty promises.

Foam inserts from HWC

Our foam inserts are of the highest quality, and we manufacture both loose inserts and complete watch bags with foam inserts. Most of the inserts have a soft black foam as a top layer and a slightly harder foam at the bottom where the cut-out for the watch is. This contributes to both the feel, protection, and finish.

Currently, we sell loose foam inserts for watches that fit Peli's bags: Peli 1150, Peli 1170, Peli 1200, Peli 1400, Peli 1470, and Peli 1495. These inserts also come with egg-crate foam that you place in the lid. With HWC foam watch inserts, you transform your Peli bag into a fully-fledged watch bag while at the same time providing extremely secure and safe storage.

HWC watch pouches and watch cases

Our watch pouches are excellent for when you're on the go or want to transport your watches securely, easily, and conveniently. These can hold either 1 or 3 watches and are slim and thin. They work perfectly to carry in your everyday bag or for storage even in smaller safety deposit boxes.

HWC watch cases are both waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant—IP67 certified. On each product page for the pouches and cases, information about both specifications and certifications is available.

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