Grey hair shampoo

Man with grey hair and beard

Grey hair shampoo

Gray hair shampo is used to take down yellow tones in a gray or bleached hair. The schampo has a violet color that neutralizes the yellow. The result is a colder touch and you get a more homogeneous gray colour in your hair. Each product can have its own unique instructions, but take some time to read our tips further down the page for an optimal result. Here are now the products we sell, especially for men.

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How to use a gray hair shampoo

Start by washing and shampooing your hair as usual. Rinse out and squeeze our as much water as you can. While your hair is still moist, apply your gray hair shampoo.

Do not be too stingy, take a big lump and distribute throughout your hair. You should not massage it into the scalp but carefully distribute it it along the hairs.

How long a gray hair shampoo should be left in may differ between different manufacturers. So read the instructions! It's important not to leave it for too long, it might give a purple tone.

Rinse thoroughly the shampoo and then finish with a conditioning treatment. Gray hair shampos are dehydrating.

Repeat this procedure 1-2 times a week.

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