Ear & Nose Trimmer

Trim your facial hair and look great. A small thing but makes a big difference. Check out our range of hair and nose hair trimmers.

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Manual nose hair trimmers

To most electrical hair trimmers an extra trim head complies, to trim nose hair with. But for those who do not cut their own hair or trim the beard there are simpler products available to buy, manually operated by hand. That also means that they are perfect to take on a trip since you do not need access to power outlets.

The manual hair trimmer has cutting blades that must be set in motion by hand. In the manual trimmers we sell there are two different ways to create the cutting movement. Either you spin the handle to make the blades rotate or pinch the handle.

Electric ear and nose hair trimmers

The electrical trimmers available on the market can either need power outlets or they can run on batteries. There are advantages and disadvantages with both. For the battery powered one you always need to have a battery with sufficient charge. For the corded nose hair trimmer, you can trust it does it's job when you need it to as long as you have power access.

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