Hair wax

Man in profile styled with hair wax


Use a good hair wax to shape and style your hair as you want. There are different types of hair wax depending on how much setting power you want and what finish you want your hair to have. There are wax that gives matte, natural or glossy finish. For best results apply the wax warmed between your palms and directly onto towel-dried or dry hair.

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Good hair wax for men

A classic hair wax provides high stability and is suitable for guys who want to make sure that the hair keeps the style throughout the day. Hair waxes generally gives a rather dull finish but is also available with a natural shine. Wax is best suited for those who have thick hair. The weight of the wax can make thin hair weighed down, which can create an impression of even thinner hair.

It is important to warm up the wax before you put it in your hair. Otherwise the risk is that you get lumps and do not manage to get it evenly spread throughout the hair. You can use hair wax in both wet and dry hair. But it is easier to get it evenly spread if the hair is towel-dried and still keeps a little moisture.

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