In this category you will find popular men fragrances for gentlemen, from young guys to older men. Here are scents in the form av after shaves, perfume oils and Eau de Colognes and Toilettes. To buy a fragrance over the internet can feel risky if you don't know what you are looking for. We will do our best to guide you. Read more here.

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Tips and advice for buying men fragrances

If you have already found your favourite it is a piece of cake to buy a men fragrance online. If you however want to find a new fragrance that suits you, we a couple of advice to give.

Try the fragrance on your self before buying a large pack. Maybe you have a friend that wears the fragrance you like. It is not a guarantee that it will come out as good on your body. Scents appear different on different people. We suggest you ask your friend, come to our store or order a sample to try it out first.

Fragrances can interfere with each other. We recommend using deodorants and perfumes from the same series. Then you will know they work together.

Scents awakens feelings in our bodies. It is therefore a good idea to wear a light fragrance for daytime to feel awake and alert. For the night, we suggest switching to a softer, heavier fragrance to calm down and feel relaxed.

Let the fragrance reflect upon your personality. If you want to appear sporty and full of energy, enhance the image through your deodorant or perfume. Pick a scent that contains fresh citrus and vibrant notes. If you want to signal you are a sofisticated gentleman choose a masculine scent with woody notes and maybe some touch of marine.

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