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A moisturiser protects your skin and nourishes it while preventing premature skin aging. Choose a moisturiser for your skin type. If your skin feels tired and lifeless, use products that give your skin the boost it needs to look fresh and healthy. You can find these products under special treatments.

Face moisturizers

Moisture is important for the skin to have a smooth look and wrinkles not to appear. The skin on the face is thinner than the skin on the rest of the body. Therefore, this is most commonly where we first detect dry skin. With a good moisturizing face cream you can give your skin moisture and nutrition to make it look smooth and feel soft.

If you spend much time out in the sun the stress for your facial skin is obvious and it needs more moisture than usual. The sun's rays will dry your skin out but it is also important to consider the UV radiation that can have both positive and negative effects. There are a facial moisturizer that has sunscreen suitable for those who like to be out in the sun.

How to increase absorption of skin creams

If you ever visited a skin therapist you might have noticed noticed that they always warm the cream before applying it. It is a trick that increases the absorption of the cream. If the facial cream has the same temperature as your facial skin it is more easily absorbed.

Another tip is to apply the cream on lightly damp skin, something that also increases the absorption capacity of your skin.

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