Face Scrub

Man is toweldrying after face scrub treatment

Face scrub for men

A face scrub contains ingredients which scrub your skin lightly and clean your skin in depth. Dead skin cells are removed by the face scrub and the skin regains its lustre and elasticity. Use your face scrub a couple of times a week instead of your facial cleanser.

Don't exaggarate the facial peeling

One should not exaggerate peeling and exfoliation. When you do a face scrub the outermost layer, mainly dead skin cells, is removed. If you overdo the scrubbing there is a risk of skin cells responding by excessive production of new cells. It can lead to a thicker cell layer and a thicker skin.

A facial scrub every other week can be a good level, and when you do peeling do it carefully and be sure to moisturize afterwards. Use a moisturizer that contains glycerin, urea or hyaluronic acid.

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