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DE Razor Blades x5
DE Razor Blades x5
DE Razor Blades x5
DE Razor Blades x5
Rockwell Razors

DE Razor Blades x5

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    • Rockwell's double-edge razor blades are made from pure Swedish stainless steel and are compatible with all double-edge safety razors. The high-quality stainless steel provides the blades with protection against rust, while a specialized treatment ensures they maintain their exceptional sharpness.

      When creating these double-edge razor blades, Rockwell's aim was to produce the absolute best safety blade on the market, but at a better price than their competitors. The meticulous attention to detail and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques have resulted in a razor blade that we believe fully meets these criteria. Experience a smooth, close shave of the highest quality, but at an unbeatable price, with Rockwell's double-edge razor blades.

      Each Rockwell razor blade lasts between 3 to 8 shaves, primarily depending on the coarseness of your facial hair.

      Sharpness 7/10
      Smoothness 7/10
      Sharpness retention 7/10

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