C.V. Heljestrand

CV Heljestrand Eskilstuna
Carl Victor Heljestrand
was born in 1816 in Eskilstuna, Sweden, and was an industrialist who already as a 12-year-old began working in his father's knife factory. The father, Olof Heljestrand, took the art of etching and gilding steel to Sweden in 1810. Charles Victor (C.V.) undertook several trips to England and acquired additional skills when it comes to produce and process steel.

C.V. Heljestrand straight razors have received much attention. His knives have many times been at world exhibitions as perfect examples of a straight razor of high quality. No production is currently in place as the company C.V. Heljestrand AB filed for bankruptcy in 1980. The knives on the market today are vintage and rarities that are difficult to come across. We have some really nice C.V. straight razors in stock for you to buy.

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