Shaving Soap

Shaving soap is an old tradition from the 1300s that continues today. One of the good things by using a shaving soap is that you often spend more time massaging the lather from the shaving soap into your face and that gives a better prepp before the shave. Let your shaving brush and shaving soap lie in warm water while you prepare for shaving. Here you can read more about how to best use your shaving soap.

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Using the shaving soap

The secret behind wonderful lather is that the shaving brush mixes the shaving soap very well with water. Water is the key to a comfortable shave. The shaving brush and lather softens your beard and raises your beard for a closer shave. 

  1. Add hot water to your shaving soap bowl/mug where your shaving soap is.

  2. Wet your shaving brush for a few seconds and pour out the water from the shaving soap bowl/mug. Gently shake off the excess water off the shaving brush.

  3. Spin the shaving brush for a couple of seconds on the shaving soap and load the brush.

  4. Lather up directly on your face that you have moistened with water, or use a shaving mug/bowl to build up a nice lather. Remember not to press the shaving brush to the bottom and add water as you build up the lather if you need.

  5. Add small drops of water to the lather until you get the perfect lather. The lather is good when you get standing peaks that bend almost like a surfer wave if you lather up in a mug/bowl.

  6. Spend time to massage the lather to your face. The better prepp the better shave.

  7. Shave!

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