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Shaving cream is an easy way to build up a good lather for your shave. You can find shaving creams to use with or without a shaving brush. If you use a shaving brush let it soak in hot water while you put on the shaving cream.

Water is the key to a good shave. Learn more about how to build up a good lather with your shaving cream

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How to make lather with shaving creams

Shaving creams are a wonderful way to build up lather with. There are creams that are used with or without a shaving brush. This section describes how to use shaving cream or soap together with a shaving brush. The secret behind a glorious lather is that the shaving brush adds water. Water is the key to a comfortable shave. The shaving brush per se and the lather softens your beard further and lifts your beard stubble for a closer shave.

  1. Put your shaving brush in a bowl of water and let it soak for a few seconds. You can hold it under the tap if you don't own a bowl. Shake out excess water. Use warm water just above lukewarm.

  2. Use a thumbnail of shaving cream and load your brush or dip the brush directly into the shaving cream. Alternatively, dispense your shaving cream from a tube.

  3. Lather directly in your face or in a shaving bowl. Some shaving creams are more easily lathered while others take longerbefore you get the right creaminess and delightful peaks that bend. Put effort and time to massage the lather onto your face. The better prepping, the better shave.
  4. If you are new to using shaving creams or traditional wet shave, it our suggestion to lather up using a bowl. This allows you to more easily see what happens when you add water and how the lather is built up.

Happy Shaving! 

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