Bulldog Skincare for Men
Bulldog Skincare For Men was founded by Simon Duffy and Rhodri Ferrier in 2006 and is today a well known brand and recognized by many. The products contain mostly natural ingredients and oils that give a good result. Bulldog does not test any products on animals and contain no ingredients of animal origin.

All Bulldog's products are free from synthetic fragrances, parabens and sulfates, which can trigger allergies. Today Bulldog's skincare line is one of the market leaders. And the vast majority of men who use skin care products have some sort of relationship or experience with the Bulldog skincare philosophy and products.

When the founders decided to quit their jobs in the financial world and start up the Bulldog brand there were no good options on the market that they felt met the needs. It was one of the reasons that made them focus on the natural and clean packaged in a modern, fresh, yet masculine look.

Two categories av Bulldog products

Bulldog's products are divided into two categories, one for normal skin and one for sensitive skin. Simple and straightforward. Just like a bulldog should be - makes it feel humorous and serious at the same time. Each item is packed with useful goodies like active and natural ingredients and essential oils. Go and get your Bulldog!

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