A well functioning deodorant is very important to feel fresh. The most important mission for the deodorant is to stop body odor that comes from bacterias in the armpit.

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Advice for trying out new deodorants

Bacteria is the reason why sweat smells. They thrive and multiply in a warm and moist environment, like the armpit. Here are a few things to consider when trying out a new deodorant:

  • Alcohol in deodorants kills bacteria and might be your weapon of choice if you struggle with heavy sweat odors.
  • Use a shower gel that is mild but effectiv in removing dirt and bacteria. This can be difficult as the stronger the cleaning agent, the higher the risk for irritated skin. But a reason why you never get rid of the bad smell in your armpit can be a residue of bacterial colonies.
  • To shave the armpits makes it easier for applying deodorants and dosage. Although hair gives room for air, it can hinder the deodorant to reach down to the bottom. The hair can also make it messy
  • We react differently to deodorants. That is why you need to go into trial and error mode. What works wonders for others might not do it for you. It can sometimes be the opposite.
  • Your body might need time to adapt. Have patience when trying a new deodorant. We suggest going for deodorants in the same category to be able to compare. Try for a week and then move on to another one. Evaluate. Try a new one.
  • Anti-perspirants that block sweat works differently than other options not containing aluminum.

Good luck in finding the best deodorant for you!

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