Body Soap

A good body soap cleans effectively without dehydrating the skin. There are many nice solid body soaps available that you can use in the shower or bath tub when washing your body. Most of the sweat and dirt are dissolved with warm water and soap. Buy a body soap of good quality that you can rely on, that does the job effectively with only a small amount of soap. Read our list of 5 tips for using body soaps here.

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A few tips for using body soaps

  1. The finest body soaps have a high concentration and are therefore hard. You may need to soften them a bit to have them make lather.
  2. Use a cup that drains water when not using the soap.
  3. If you have difficulties finding a good way to store your soap, try a soap-on-a-rope. That can be stored hanging on a hook.
  4. Avoid storing your soap directly on the sink or on the shower floor. Those are places where dirt and bacteria can thrive and you do not want that on your fine soap when washing your body to get clean.
  5. If you want to get the most out of using a body soap, invest in i shower brush. It will help you in cleaning the body effectively. Remember to use a moisturizing body lotion if you sense your skin often gets too dry after showering.

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