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Beard Oil

The beard oil conditions and softens the beard and gives the beard the right luster. A good beard oil makes the beard more easy to comb and prevents irritation, itching and dry skin. The beard oil is good for your skin and bring moisture and helps the skin to maintain its elasticity.

We have divided our beard oils in four sub-categories in order to make it easier for you to get a feeling of how they smell, feel and are sensed.

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How to apply a beard oil

You can apply beard oil daily, once a week or less often. It is up to you and your beard. The best time is following a shower and when the beard is newly washed. Oil and water do not mix so make sure that the beard is really dry before you start.

Many wonder how much beard oil you should take? You can actually take too much so it is important to find the right amount for your beard. If you have a relatively short beard you only need 1-2 drops. A larger beard requires a few extra drops of oil.

Take a few drops of beard oil in the palm of one hand, then rubbed both palms together and inbetween your fingers. Start massaging the oil from the top down, in the middle and on the sides. Continue by lifting the beard with your fingers as a comb and massage the beard oil from below. This way you can reach a little deeper into your beard and beard bottom.

To get the oil more evenly distributed to all the hairs and down to the skin underneath, you should then use a beard comb. When you use it, be sure to keep the combs teeth perpendicular to the face and not facing downwards. Again, work first from top to bottom and then the other way to lift the beard and reach right down to the skin underneath.

Beard oils can be combined with beard waxes.

A standard recipe for beard oils

Have you thought about making your own beard oil? A beard oil consists roughly of two different types of oils. A common blend consists of a carrier oil, topped with various essential oils. A carrier oil must be blendable and many manufacturers choose to work with a base of argan oil and jojoba oil. These oils are among the best available for the skin underneath the beard. They also have good qualities to soften the beard hair and make the beard more easy to comb.

The base oil is then topped with essential oils whose purpose is to give the product a good fragrance. It's hard to describe smells and it our experience is not always alike. In addition, the scent changes such that a beard oil can smell one thing when you just opened the bottle and another scent can emerge when the oil has dried in the beard. The essential oils often comes from natural ingredients but can sometimes also be synthetically produced.

There are fragrance free oils available for those who do not want the beard to smell at all but still like the softening effect.

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