Beard Color

Beard hair is coarser than normal body hair and therefore requires a special beard color. In addition, the area around the nose and mouth is more sensitive than the scalp. Beard colors doesn't contain harsh chemicals as many hair colors do.

How to choose beard color

A colored beard gives a solid feeling. Choose a beard color that fits. If you are not sure what beard color that suits you, then pick the brighter tone first. Remember you can always go to a darker beard color.

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How to uniformly color your beard

A beard may have different shades of colors. Many men have patchy gray or yellowish beard. With a beard color you can get a more uniform look of your beard, which makes it look fuller and more marked and distinct.

It is also common that men color their beard hair to fit the hair on the head. Unfortunately it does not work so good to use the same coloring as for the hair, which is of a different nature. Just For Men has developed special colors that are customized for beard hair. If you want the same color on your head for the beard, buy the same shade from the same brand.

Blog posts about Beard Color

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