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Acqua di Parmas exclusive fragrances carry an aura of luxury and strong identity. Every scent that leaves their lab becomes a timeless classic for real gentlemen who value style.

The fragrances are produced in series and can be purchased in matching Eau de Cologne, Deodorant, After Shaves, Bath & Shower gels and more. Among the top sellers are the classic series Colonia, Assoluta, Oud and Leather.

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Acqua di Parma's long history of timeless elegance

Acqua di Parma is a 100% Italian company and brand. It has become a symbol of timelessness and elegance. The most sophisticated expression of a lifestyle.

Imagine an environment of fragrant gardens and monks that wander around. The air is fresh and fragrant with healing herbs and citrus - orange, bergamot and lemon. Here in the vicinity of a monastery we find the first tracks.

At the same time in the world on the outside, the perfume tradition seriously begins to accelerate with a gradual shift from a universe of medicine and herbs to also include scents. The water that comes from citrus distillation is the birth of the culture of Italian fragrance that we know today.

Started in a small lab in Parma in 1916

Carlo Magnani, an aristocrat from Parma, and entrepreneur who owned several tailor shops in the old city center. A famous man that has experienced international culture. Mr Magnani had a modern mind for his time and he always missed Italy when he was traveling..

He assigned a small lab in Parma the special task of capturing the essence of elegance, style and Italian light.

The result was an eau de cologne that embraced tradition, light and freshness, which is just exactly characteristic of Italy and Italian culture. Colonia di Acqua di Parma. The Italian city, old palazzi, sunbathing in golden rich skimmer, light, shadows, culture and timeless elegance.

Colonia became the hallmark of style

Carlo Magnani used to apply a few drops of colonia to the paper that wrapped the customized costume. When the gentleman opened his package, the clean, fresh scent would spread along with the feeling of owning a new suit.

An old Italian ritual was spraying a little scent on a handkerchief in your pocket when you left home. In this way, Colonia has become a symbol of style, discretion but sophisticated. A tradition passed from father to son.

Style never goes unnoticed.

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