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Solid Cologne

 Solid Cologne
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Solid Colognes are perfumes in solid form mixed with wax and oils. You apply the fragrance by striking it with a finger on the skin. Because the solid cologne is applied with fingers, you can easily put your fragrance anywhere on the body, making it even easier to apply. Here are some tips for travelling with perfumes.

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Perfumes in your luggage

To put a perfume bottle in the luggage is a big risk. If the bottle is broken your good smelling perfume will turn into a stinking bomb. Even if you like the fragrance, your clothes and everything else will be ruined. It is quite difficult to get rid of the smell as well. The trip might end up more expensive than you planned.

Therefore it is good to plan ahead for taking perfumes with you on a trip. Here are some good advice for globetrotters.

  • pick a small bottle that you can bring in your hand luggage instead of the checked
  • package the bottle in a hard box
  • choose a solid cologne, perfume in solid state